Cruises & Trips


  • Explore Paxos & Antipaxos coastline
  • Feast your eyes to unique land and sea scapes
  • Experience the joy of swimming in blue lagoons and turquoise or purple sea caves
  • Enjoy lying under the sun on the famous Antipaxos sandy beaches or the west coast flat rocks
  • Taste home cooked Greek dishes on our spacious deck dining area in a tranquil cove.
  • Feel the afternoon breeze in your hair while sailing
  • Sip your drink on board while cruising in the sunset light
  • Sail in safety and comfort on board “LYCKY GEORGE”

We provide

  • Exclusive sailing cruises
  • High Standard Services

Daily Sailing Cruises around Paxos and Antipaxos

Overnight Longer Trips around Paxos and Antipaxos

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Custom made trips according to your own preferences